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What You'll Learn in Master Inbound

What You’ll Learn in Master Inbound

Traditional marketing is losing effectiveness, leaving most businesses and marketers wondering how they will manage to build their business. Many turn to Internet Marketing but aren’t exactly sure how to properly implement an internet marketing plan, leading them to waste time, money and eventually fail.

There is a highly effective strategy to skyrocket your leads, boost conversions and build your business on the internet. This strategy has been proven to drive results and is changing the face of marketing as we know it. This strategy is called Inbound Marketing.

The Master Inbound course is designed for business owners and marketers to teach the philosophy, methodology and strategy behind Inbound marketing. Once enrolled, you will receive in-depth instruction along with direct instructor support on how to effectively design, develop and execute an inbound Marketing strategy.


Expert Instruction

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Savvy Panda

Luke Summerfield

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Mark Kilens

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Aki Kaltenbach

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Chris Savage

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Savvy Panda

Shannon Good

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Ezra Fishman

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Rachel Goodman

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Rick Roberge

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Successfully Drive Visitors to Your Website

Successfully Drive Visitors to Your Website

Are you lost trying to find ways to increase your website traffic? We tackle this problem head on, showing you proven effective ways to use various channels such as SEO, blogging, social media, email marketing & mobile marketing to drive targeted and engaged users to your website.

Once enrolled, you will learn each method in great detail in order to successfully drive qualified and engage traffic to your website. With more quality website traffic coming to your website, the more leads you can generate.

Skyrocket Lead Conversions

Skyrocket Lead Conversions

Do you have a good stream of website visitors but struggle to connect those visitors? You will learn how to maximize your website’s lead generating potential through conversion rate optimization. This includes learning best practices for call to actions, landing pages, email marketing, lead nurturing, copywriting, layouts, and styling.

Additionally, you will learn how to interpret and manage analytical data to optimize your marketing efforts. Learn analytic reporting from Google Analytics, A/B testing, SEOMoz, Hubspot reporting and more.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes Master Inbound different from other Inbound learning resources (like HubSpot Academy)?
    In addition to educational course content, every Master Inbound lesson is accompanied by worksheets and/or templates to help members apply the acquired knowledge directly to their business.

    Members also receive individual or small group consulting sessions along with access to a members-only "ask an expert" forum where they can ask questions and discuss new concepts with Inbound professionals.

    Finally, Master Inbound members get complimentary access to HootSuite Pro for one year and HootSuite University for month. These give members access to an incredible pool of additional Inbound Marketing learning materials.

  • When do classes start?
    Today! Or tomorrow, or the next day. All Master Inbound courses are offered in an on-demand format to facilitate your learning experience. Watch at your leisure, share them with employees and coworkers, and keep coming back to see new content being uploaded. 

    Once your a member, you will have unlimited lifetime access to our ever-growing course! 

    We also are always listening live on Twitter with the #InboudEDU topic, so feel free to tweet us as you learn.

  • What specific topics does this course cover?
    The Master Inbound syllabus covers all aspects of Inbound Marketing, beginning with strategy and stretching all the way out to analytics and analysis. We break the course into core sections: Attracting visitors to your site, Converting visitors into leads, and Converting leads into paying customers. If you'd like to see a copy of our course outline, please request one by contacting Shannon[AT] or give us a ring at (414) 431-8615 x1008

  • What is included in this course?
    Upon registering for Master Inbound, you'll be granted lifetime access to our ever-growing library of Inbound Marketing educational courses and lessons. Lessons are offered in video format and we add new lessons every single week. Additionally, each video lesson is accompanied by an additional 3rd party related video and blog posts. Lastly, the lessons also have worksheets, templates and documents that you can use to start applying lesson topics to your actual business.

    You will also get access to our "Ask an Expert" Q&A section where you can ask any questions, problems or ideas you may have while implementing your Inbound Marketing strategy. This is an amazing resource to get some personal inbound advice and coaching.

    Additionally, we have curated amazing Resources and Tools from all over the web to point you in the right direction for understanding and implementing an Inbound strategy.

  • What does the member section look like? 
    Let's take a look! 

    Please Note: Every week we are adding new content, worksheets and website features so what you see in this video is probably already been improved and updated. :-)

  • Can I use Master Inbound as a team training resource?
    You sure can! Once you have a membership, it will cover anyone else currently working for your organization. Many of our members use our course as a training tool for all new and existing employees. It will save you a great deal of time and get them up to speed with the Inbound Marketing strategies. 

  • How can I get in touch with an instructor?
    There are a few ways to contact us. First and foremost, you can always Tweet at us using the topic #InboundEDU. We encourage you to partake in the discussion there whenever you're uncertain of something, or would like to share a comment. You can also email Luke (luke[AT] or Shannon (shannon[AT] if you'd like to have a private conversation. 
    Finally, you can always utilize the contact form at the top right of your menu to fill out a request. We're looking out for your Tweets and emails!

  • Where else can I get Inbound information?
    The Master Inbound instructors are huge on diversifying our skills, so we spend a lot of time doing research and learning more about Inbound. Our favorite resources are the HubSpot and Moz blogs, as well as sites like Search Engine Journal, Marketing Land, and Social Media Today.

  • What does Master Inbound cover? 
    Glad you asked! Here's an outline of the Master Inbound course syllabus.

         Introduction – 38 video lessons
         Building an Inbound foundation, the Inbound funnel, marketing concepts

         Drive Prospects to Your Site – 104 video lessons
         Blogging, email, SEO, social media, mobile marketing, PPC

         Converting Prospects into Leads – 55 video lessons
         Creating and promoting content to convert

         Converting Leads into Paying Customers – 29 video lessons
         Forming a campaign, selling, analysis

    All courses are offered in on-demand video format. In addition to video lessons, content is complemented by additional educational videos, suggested reading (blog posts, articles, eBooks), and a Q&A forum for members to ask questions and start discussions with instructors.

    Remember, Master Inbound is not a one-and-done course. All content is continuously updated with new information, and we encourage you to check in frequently for add-ons. Don't see a topic you'd like to learn about? Let us know, and we'll be happy to cover it in an upcoming video.

  • How does it all fit together? Can I see a sample lesson?
    There are several lessons within each course. Courses are fall into the four categories listed above. Here's an example of one course within a Master Inbound category: 

         Category: Converting Prospects Into Leads
              Course: Lead Nurturing
                   Lesson 1: Lead Nurturing - Asking for the Next Step
                   Lesson 2: Lead Nurturing in Your Signature
                   Lesson 3: Targeting Personas in Your Lead Nurturing Campaigns
                   Lesson 4: Determining the Goals of Your Lead Nurturing
                   Lesson 5: Choosing Your Lead Nurturing Topics
                   Lesson 6: Choosing Your Lead Nurturing Topics II
                   Lesson 7: Lead Nurturing Email Copywriting
                   Lesson 8: Timing for Lead Nurturing Campaigns
                   Lesson 9: Interpreting Lead Nurturing Metrics


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Rick Roberge

I am a salesman and this summary could actually stop there, but over the years I've been able to use my sales abilities to grow my company, as well as several employers' companies. In 2006, I left the world of selling for myself and entered the world of helping others to sell for themselves.

Always entrepreneurial, it was only natural that I gravitate to helping entrepreneurs, start-ups and small business owners get their first sale or reach the next level. As a sales consultant and coach, it wasn't unusual to see me working side by side with my clients making calls, at a trade show or handling a 'situation'.

I retired at the end of 2011, but all that means that I no longer work with hundreds of salespeople a year, but focus my efforts on a few truly entrepreneurial business owners that want to grow sales exponentially by using social media and the 21st century sales process to attract new customers and convert them into evangelists.

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Rachel Goodman

Rachel has always been fascinated by the mind and how peoples' everyday interactions and experiences can shape the ways their brains work. Although she originally received her degree in neuroscience and psychology, Rachel realized that what truly motivated her was not just studying how neurological and psychological function influence everyday lives, but instead actually playing an active role in improving peoples' lives by helping to change the ways learners think and teachers guide their students. 

As a longtime observer and consumer of inbound marketing, Rachel became interested in the view from the inside--how exactly the world of Internet marketing really worked--while working in brain disease research at Harvard Medical School. She used her free time to research and learn as much as she could about blogging, social media, content creation strategies, buyer personas, and SEO. Her passion for helping others learn and grow--coupled with her love for the digital world and all things inbound--lead her to HubSpot, where she is an Inbound Marketing Professor at HubSpot Academy and now gets to help people improve their businesses and livelihoods on a daily basis.

Although Rachel currently teaches classes on blogging, social media, and buyer personas, the latter personas class is her absolute favorite. When not reading up on the latest and greatest in the world of inbound marketing, Rachel loves baking anything containing or involving rainbow sprinkles as well as riding horses. 


The Inbound Marketing Gameplan

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Create Effective Funnels to Boost Sales

Create Effective Funnels to Boost Sales

Are you confused on how to structure your marketing efforts to effectively move leads down the sales funnel? Inbound Marketing offers a very strategic way to shorten sales cycles, improve lead conversions and develop strong relationships with your audience.

Once complete, you will have a deep understanding of how to properly structure your inbound marketing strategy to develop strong marketing funnels.

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Develop Amazing Content People Will Love

Develop Amazing Content People Will Love

Your marketing doesn’t have to be annoying to people. Imagine a world where thousands of people are actively coming into your business asking for information. This may sound like a fairytale, but it’s reality for Inbound Marketers.

People are searching online for good quality, educational information and if your business provides them with it you will establish yourself as an authority, develop a relationship and deliver marketing people will love.

In this course you will learn how to create amazing content people will read, share and love. You will also learn how to effectively market this content to maximize its exposure and ROI.