Master Inbound

Rick Roberge

I am a salesman and this summary could actually stop there, but over the years I've been able to use my sales abilities to grow my company, as well as several employers' companies. In 2006, I left the world of selling for myself and entered the world of helping others to sell for themselves.

Always entrepreneurial, it was only natural that I gravitate to helping entrepreneurs, start-ups and small business owners get their first sale or reach the next level. As a sales consultant and coach, it wasn't unusual to see me working side by side with my clients making calls, at a trade show or handling a 'situation'.

I retired at the end of 2011, but all that means that I no longer work with hundreds of salespeople a year, but focus my efforts on a few truly entrepreneurial business owners that want to grow sales exponentially by using social media and the 21st century sales process to attract new customers and convert them into evangelists.