Master Inbound

Mark Kilens

Leader of HubSpot Academy

mark-kilens-master-inbound-hubspotMark Kilens is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire. Previously to joining HubSpot, Mark was the Marketing Director at SalesQuest, a technology sales intelligence firm based in Massachusetts. Mark specializes in emerging fronts in search technology, landing page design, and email marketing.

Mark originally found out about HubSpot about three years ago when doing research on internet marketing software, and then as a customer using the software. Mark then met Brian Whalley at a HubSpot User Group meeting and became interested in joining the team here.

As a former customer, Mark joined HubSpot to create an environment where customers never stop learning. He leads the HubSpot Academy team at HubSpot. The HubSpot Academy team develops training classes, marketing workshops, strategy series, #InboundLearning webinars and certifications that help HubSpot customers understand how to reach their goals. HubSpot Academy teaches more than 25,000 HubSpot users per year. When not at HubSpot, he enjoys lobster and a secret technique for making snow at his house.

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