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The Ingredients to a Tasty SEO Sandwich [Infographic]
The Ingredients to a Tasty SEO Sandwich [Infographic]

SEO is complicated, right? Somewhere between header tags and meta descriptions and good versus bad backlinks, it's easy to get lost. You may be tempted to throw your hands up and accept what ever rank Google wants to give you.

But wait just a minute, because I've got an infographic that will help you understand SEO in an easy-to-digest format (pun intended).

First, let me be honest.

My eyes lit up when I found this bad boy on the Vertical Response blog. As a foodie with a passion for carbs, this cheeseburger inspired infographic was bound to grab my attention. The bias is real, folks.

But after looking at the key points illustrated here, I'm happy to share that the SEO information is every bit as genius as the imagery. 

If you're new to the SEO or site optimization world, here's a snapshot of the essential ingredients to a tasty (and successful) SEO sandwich: 

SEO infographic

Each of these concepts is critical to SEO success, and each deserves equal attention in your quest to ranking greatness. However, I'd argue this infographic is missing one key theme: quality over quantity.

In a world where "content is king", it's easy to fall down the slippery slope of creating content and participating on social media as frequently as possible as the quality of your contributions becomes a secondary consideration.

However, Google's robots are getting smarter by the minute and are rapidly evolving to track not only how many social networks, content pieces and backlinks you have - but also how valuable they are. In other words, don't just create content for content's sake or get links because you heard it's important. Master each aspect of SEO and build quality first, then begin to scale.

In a way, this ties into the cheeseburger concept. Wouldn't you rather have one amazing, delicious, flavorful burger than 3 measly McDonalds patties? Of course you would.

Now, on to the fun part. This infographic does a great job illustrating basic concepts, but admittedly doesn't provide much guidance for taking action.

Thus, I think you'll be well suited to check out a few more resources related to each SEO ingredient. These beginner level articles will help you to not only understand SEO, but turn that understanding into action which positively impacts your site:

Wow... that's a lot of reading! Let me know if you find any other awesome SEO resources along the way. And if you're struggling with low rankings, check out this article from Luke on improving your existing SEO.

Here's to your success!

Shannon Good
Shannon Good

Shannon is a passionate Inbound Marketing Specialist at Savvy Panda, a web design and marketing firm focused on crafting unique strategies to build businesses through earned and owned attention.

After graduating from Colorado State University with a Bachelor's in Communication Studies, Shannon developed a passion for digital media while working in online advertising. Since then, she has happily transitioned into the Inbound realm where she enjoys utilizing social media communication, content creation, and community building to achieve excellence. You can find her on Twitter, LinkedIn, and 


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