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Our Course is Designed For People Like You
Our Course is Designed For People Like You

Each and every day I get to talk to many people like you. They typically fall into two groups:
A small business owner who want to increase their marketing efforts but can't afford an agency

  • A marketer confused on how to effectively market on the web
  • If you can identify with one of these groups, I'd like to talk to you briefly....

Are You a Small Business Owner?
I've been there. As a business owner, you're wearing a million hats and each day is crazy busy. You know that you need to focus more on marketing but aren't sure which efforts are most effective and what you should invest your time in.

Your traditional marketing efforts aren't producing much for results. You've been trying to do bits-n-pieces of marketing, but really haven't found a great strategy for success.

You'd love to hire a good agency to implement your marketing, however, all the good agencies are expensive and outside your budget. You're getting frustrated and want to simply find a strategy that is easy to implement and works.

If this is you, skip down to the "Your Solution" section below.

Are you a marketer?
I use to be a traditional marketer. You have a marketing background, however, things are so rapidly changing that it's hard to keep up. You might have come from traditional advertising or print background.

You're really interested in the new concept of "Inbound Marketing" but don't know exactly how it all works. Is it SEO? Is it Social? How does it all work together?

So you started doing some research; reading ebooks, watching webinars - and you have picked up a little here and there. You still don't feel like you know everything you should in how to implement a successful Inbound Marketing strategy.

If this is you, keep reading the "Your Solution" section

Your Solution
I'm excited that there finally is a solution we will be launching in less than 10 days to help you learn how to successfully implement an Inbound Marketing strategy.

We've partnered with some of the Inbound Marketing industry's top experts from companies like Hubspot, Savvy Panda, Hootsuite, Wistia and more to develop a comprehensive, step-by-step Inbound Marketing online course!

This course will include:

  • Hundreds of Inbound Marketing video lessons
  • "Ask an Expert" Q&A forum
  • Tools & resource library
  • Worksheets and templates to use
  • 1-Year Hootsuite PRO account

This is the perfect solution for you to learn everything you need to in order to take your marketing to the next level and see dramatic growth in your business.


Please Note: Because we work personally with each member, we limit the enrollment of our course. We only open enrollment a few times per year, it's only open for 7-10 days and we limit the number of students who can enroll. It's very limited.

Enrollment starts soon, be ready to save your spot so you don't miss out.
You can sign up for enrollment notifications & updates on our home page.


You don't have to dread your marketing. You don't have to feel lost. What you need is some great instruction, direction and coaching. You can get this all with Master Inbound.

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