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No Fail SEO Tactics that Keep on Working
No Fail SEO Tactics that Keep on Working

As you all know SEO changes a lot. We've all been there. You just concocted a master SEO plan, and it actually worked. You are ecstatic, however the hype doesn't last too long because the algorithm changed on you.

It's important to stay up-to-date with the ever changing SEO strategies, but that doesn't have to be your everything. There are some SEO tactics that never stop working. Don't believe me? SEOmoz's Lead SEO, Ruth Burr has come up with a list that has yet to fail her in the last 6 years.

Find terms

It's always a good idea to find terms that people are using to search for the things you are talking about. You want to phrase your keywords in a way that your viewers would search for them.

Now it's important not to go overboard use those terms every other sentence. Once you have strategically placed the terms, make sure you go back and reread it (maybe even out loud) and then decide if your post sounds like it was written by a crazy person or not. Chances are, if you try to plug in the keyword a lot of times, you will have already bought a ticket for a ride on the next crazy train.

Can Search Engines find you?

If your site is hard to find, search engines will not find you. Make sure you can easily find every page on your site and be able to tell exactly what the page offers.

Speedy and Clean

Do a little spring cleaning on your website. That means fixing anything that's broken, cleaning up and deleting any irrelevant, out of date content duplicate content and of course, checking for typos. If your site is lacking a professional, trustworthy vibe, Google will take notice.

Another thing Google isn't too keen on is the speed of your website. Although it doesn't have as high of a value as relevance and reputation, it still plays a factor in your search results.

Create Golden Content

Creating great content is a never ending cycle. It's always important to create fresh content that will interest the viewers. If it is interesting and adds educational value, people will want to share it, it's as simple as that.

So make sure you are constantly researching new things and sharing your knowledge in an attention grabbing way that is sure to delight your viewers. In other words, don't be boring.

Link Building Relationship Style

Building links to your site from other sites in your niche that Google values is key. In order to not have to stress out about always looking for high-authority sites to build your links, it is wise to establish a relationship with a few.

If you work on building a lasting relationship with other high-authority users, you can be sure to earn links more than once. The relationship will allow a trust to form between your site and theirs, allowing a never ending link building agreement.

Experience is Everything

Once you have gotten people to your website, you don't want to lose them. I mean you've worked this hard to get them there; why not work hard to keep them there?

After all, your website is the number one thing online that reflects your company. Do you want people to get to your website and think it's a waste of their time? No need to answer, I'm a mind reader and know you are saying, "No, I don't want people to think my website is a waste of their time. I want them to think it is awesome!"

Make sure the link they clicked on to get to this specific page is what they thought they were going to get. Don't disappoint and make them unhappy by switching topics on them. Give them what they wanted and make them want to explore more.

If you follow these simple SEO tactics, you will continue to see results. However, it's still essential to keep researching and learning about all of the of new SEO strategies that pop up over time.

Do you have any SEO tactics that haven't let you down? Please share them with us. Thanks!

Hannah Kaufman
Hannah Kaufman

Hannah is the Associate Inbound Marketing Strategist at Savvy Panda, an Inbound Marketing and Joomla Web Design company based in Milwaukee. She is always eager to learn more about the ever-changing field of Inbound Marketing.

She is currently a student at UW-Milwaukee, studying Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies, with a focus in Advertising and PR, as well as a Minor in Business. She is also a Hootsuite Campus Ambassadors. Hannah is happy to have found her niche since she loves everything related to social media.

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