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Inbound Marketing Success Stories
Inbound Marketing Success Stories

If you're like the rest of the world, you're skeptical of marketing messages. Even if it's your job to promote and grow a business, you still probably harbor a little resentment for every unwanted email blast or social media intrusion on behalf of another brand. But if you're like me, you probably also understand that marketing is the heart of every healthy brand, and is literally the lifeline of an efficient sales department. As such, we're left with a bit of a conundrum. How can we create and implement marketing that grows our business, but doesn't irritate our audience?

Inbound marketing exists, at its core, to provide a solution to that question. By shifting from a traditional to an innovative mentality, every company has the potential to create marketing which customers actually welcome and even enjoy. Many believe this to be too good to be true, but today we'll be debunking that perception.

Let's a handful of businesses that have utilized Inbound marketing to grow their customer base, increase loyalty, and skyrocket business. 

Jackson Coffee Company

Jackson Coffee Company is a local business with three locations in the Jackson, Michigan area. True to their website slogan, "We roast while others boast", the business focuses on creating a superior product and comprehensive Inbound strategy which meets the desires of their customers and prospects.

As a testament to it's success, Jackson Coffee Company has won multiple awards for "Best Coffee House in Jackson", beating out corporate competitors like Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks, but has never asked customers to vote in the competition. Rather, the company focuses on creating personalized relationships with customers through segmented email lists and tailored workflows which provide diverse offerings including birthday offers, newsletters, and more.

This process is rewarded in loyalty, advocacy,  and continued growth. (Sources: HubSpot, Jackson Coffee Co)

Feldman Creative

I love the Jackson Coffee story, because it paints a really great picture of happy customers enjoying their relationship with a local business. But B2B is a whole different animal, right?

Sure, relationships between "customers" and "business customers" look distinct. But Inbound Marketing success certainly isn't exclusive to the Business to Consumer realm. As evidence, we have the story of Copywriter Barry Feldman, president of Feldman Creative.

Barry enjoyed success as a freelance copywriter in Silicon Valley from 1995 until 2001, when the market took a turn for the worse, and his business followed. He experienced a dramatic need for innovation when his traditional marketing efforts including advertising and direct response initiatives fell short, and sought out a way to create new relationships.

That's when he came across the Inbound methodology and decided to give it a shot. As Barry puts it, "I stopped wasting my time and money. I pulled the plug on my attempts to interrupt people with salesy messages that don't interest them. I turned my strategy outside-in...I stopped trying to find customers and started doing everything I can to have customers find me. It worked." 

Barry shifted his mentality into that of a new age marketer, by participating in SEO, social media, and content creation. In the following months, he saw an incoming flow of 30 new clients, and up to 10x more traffic on his website. 

To learn more about his success, check out the piece he wrote detailing his experiences here.


Before we wrap up for today, I'd like to share one more story which helps to illustrate just how valuable an Inbound strategy will be to your business. recently launched an initiative to "Get Found" by B2B professionals who were looking for information on the services they provide. Among their overall strategy, SalesForce developed a content-rich microsite customized to share valuable content relevant to their personas, and promoted it largely through social media marketing and guest blogging. While this Inbound strategy required significant investments, the outcome yielded incredible returns.

Below are just a few of the positive results:

  • Traffic from social sites increased 2500%
  • 6500+ newsletter registrations
  • 10,000+ eBook downloads (yes, that does translate to 10,000 leads)


With major success stories like these in mind, it's easy to see why Inbound is earning such a positive reputation in the marketing and selling community. It's also interesting to note that Inbound has the potential to transform results for companies in any industry, of any size, and focusing on any buyer.

At this point you may be thinking to yourself that these are great anecdotes, but the success of a professional marketing copywriter or enterprise software company is surely beyond your reach. After all, not everyone has the resources to create a custom microsite or the experience of a seasoned marketer. Those qualms are legitimate, but they shouldn't hinder you from taking on Master Inbound and taking selling into your own hands. Here's why:

  • The concepts of Inbound Marketing are logical, easy to grasp, and second nature once explained. You don't need a huge budget or a fancy degree to understand how they'll transform your business.

  • Perhaps the best part of Master Inbound is it's personalized approach - you won't just get lessons and be left to the proverbial wolves, you'll be guided by industry-leading professionals eager to translate knowledge into action.

  • It's too risky not to make a change. We know outdated marketing methods aren't working, so why wouldn't we take the opportunity to improve our skill set today? You can't see real growth on behalf of your company until you take the first step.

We'd love to hear from you regarding how you think Inbound might impact your business. Get in touch with us by subscribing to our email list, and we'll keep you up-to-date with the latest news and information regarding the Inbound industry and our course. 

All of us at Master Inbound look forward to getting to know you, and seeing your company grow!

Shannon Good
Shannon Good

Shannon is a passionate Inbound Marketing Specialist at Savvy Panda, a web design and marketing firm focused on crafting unique strategies to build businesses through earned and owned attention.

After graduating from Colorado State University with a Bachelor's in Communication Studies, Shannon developed a passion for digital media while working in online advertising. Since then, she has happily transitioned into the Inbound realm where she enjoys utilizing social media communication, content creation, and community building to achieve excellence. You can find her on Twitter, LinkedIn, and 


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