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Inbound Marketing Skyrocketed Our Leads [case study]
Inbound Marketing Skyrocketed Our Leads [case study]

If you're on this blog, there's a good chance that you've heard the term "Inbound Marketing" and may have even done some research into what it's all about. There may even be a chance that you want to switch to an Inbound Marketing strategy, but aren't sure what results you may see or how to implement it successfully.

In today's mini-case study, we are going to take a look at a small business I work with that successfully implemented an Inbound Marketing strategy and the results they experienced.

A few years ago I was hired on to help with the marketing of an web development agency here in Milwaukee, Savvy Panda. Much like you may be doing today, when I was first hired on they had been doing very traditional marketing and some internet marketing.

They were the typical business who knew a little bit about internet marketing but didn't really fully understand how the entire process worked. They had social media accounts that posted daily with sales information, they blogged twice a month and sent out monthly newsletters. They were seeing minimal results with their efforts.

When hired on, we decided to take a new direction and fully embrace the Inbound Marketing methodology and strategies. Here are just a few of the things we implemented in their strategy:

  • Creation of business personas
  • Blogging 3-4 days per week: Topics based on personas
  • Creation of 3-5 premium content offers (ebooks, webinars, whitepapers, etc) with content based on personas
  • Full buildout of Hubspot, a marketing automation software
    • Lead nurturing campaigns to push leads down the funnel
    • Strategic workflows to trigger marketing automation
    • Integrations with CRM, Hootsuite, etc.
    • Optimized landing pages
    • Dynamic and smart call-to-actions
  • Setup social media management tools & social monitoring (via Hootsuite)
  • Social media building and relationship development strategy
  • Guest blogging strategy
  • SEO Link earning strategy

... and more.

All of these activities interact and intertwine together in unique ways that help drive traffic to the website, convert leads and drive those leads down the sales funnel.

One of the hardest parts of starting an Inbound Marketing strategy was leaning how to set everything up and then how it all worked together in a successful way. There was a lot of content out there about various "pieces of the puzzle" but no good resources that explain everything in detail and how it all worked together.

So I had to spend countless hours researching how this all worked: Downloading ebooks, watching webinars, taking courses, etc. In addition to this research, I took a 120-day Hubspot on-boarding and certification program. Then I had to put together the strategy based on all this different information I had learned about.

Eventually we had a pretty solid Inbound Marketing strategy and got started implementing it all. Here's what happened...

Over our first year we had massive success! As you can see below, our visits on our website skyrocketed.


We had so many leads coming in that our sales team was over-run with work. In the first year we went from having 20 leads per month to over 100! We quickly maxed out our production levels, forcing us to hire on new talent.

We were so successful with our Inbound Marketing strategy for our web agency, we decided to branch out and start offering Inbound Marketing consulting and implementation as a service offering.

We quickly has great success with our marketing clients and business boomed. Before we knew it we had hired on two new Inbound Marketing specialists and a videographer. We were now an Inbound Marketing and Web agency.

Nowadays, we are still growing every single month. We have never had a declining month in website traffic since we switch to an Inbound Marketing strategy, reaching our all-time high of 17,000 visits last month.


If you're considering moving to an Inbound Marketing strategy, I would highly recommend it. However, keep in mind that it's not an easy task. There is so much to learn and you really have to shift your entire business culture to adopt a true Inbound culture. Additionally, it takes time to get everything setup and get the ball rolling. You will not see overnight success. However, just like everything in business, it's a marathon, not a sprint.

Additionally, I wouldn't nessisarily say these results are typical. I had a marketing background and was fairly comfortable with the Inbound Marketing process. Additionally, I was able to dedicate myself 100% to developing our Inbound Marketing strategy. However, this can be possible with focus, knowledge and hard work. 

If you have any questions about how we implemented our Inbound Marketing strategy, please post in the comments section. I'd love to connect.

Luke Summerfield
Luke Summerfield

Luke is an industry leading Inbound Marketing specialist and an expert in progressive strategies integrating content, relationships, automation and communities to drive lead generation and build brands people love.

The resident Director of Inbound Marketing at Savvy Panda, Luke and his team develop web and marketing success stories for medium to fortune 100 companies. Luke is also the head instructor of Master Inbound, a comprehensive online Inbound Marketing training course.

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