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5 Techniques for Content Creation for the Busy Business Owner
5 Techniques for Content Creation for the Busy Business Owner

If you’re like most business owners, you’re wearing multiple hats and are extremely busy every day. Additionally, many small businesses cannot afford to hire an in-house Inbound Marketing team. This can pose a problem when trying to run an Inbound Marketing strategy which requires creating content.

In today’s blog we are going to take a look at some easy ways to create great content when strapped for time.

  1. Checklists
    Checklists are an amazing way to create really quick and easy content that your audience will find value in. Find some sort of process that your audience does all the time but might not know all the methods of doing it.

    Then create a checklist for them to follow. On each checkmark, write 1-3 paragraphs explaining how to properly complete each checkmark. You can even link to blog posts or ebooks that talk about that specific checkmark more in depth.

  2. Turn Processes into Content
    If you've organized your business and created processes for the different things you perform on a daily basis, take some of those processes that might be interesting for your audience and turn them into a content download.

    A good example of this would be if a bike shop took their process for doing spring tune ups and wrote it down in clear detail. Then they could offer this process as a download on their website for those who want to do the spring tune ups on their own. This will help build trust, authority and a big list of leads who may need to stop into the shop to buy new parts or new bikes.

  3. Re-Purposing
    There's a good chance that your business already has some sort of content created. Maybe it's a promotional video, introduction video, welcome pamphlet or something of that nature. Take something you already have created and expand on it to bring even more value to your readers. Then offer that expanded content as your download offers.

    Another way to use re-purposing is to spend the time to create one piece of content, let's say a 15 minute video, and then find new ways to spin that off into new content. You could have your video transcribed and edited and turn it into an ebook download.

    Then take 2-3 points from the ebook and expand on them to create blog posts for your blog. These blog posts should also include call-to-actions to download your ebook or watch your video if they want to learn more.

  4. Co-Creation
    There's a good chance that you have other complement businesses you work with. For example a landscape company may work with a specific supplier or a physical therapy office may work with local gyms.

    Team up with that complement company to create the content. You can each speak to your own expertise. This will not only cut down on the overall work of creating the content, but also you will expand your reach of awareness when their audience reads it and learns from you.

  5. Crowd Source
    Sometimes talking to your most loyal and inspired customers is a great way to create content. You could see if 2-3 of them would be willing to work together to create an ebook in exchange for some free product or services.

    I did this at the Jiu Jitsu academy I own. I found 8 people who would help write 1 chapter each in an ebook in exchange for a small group private lesson. Before I knew it, I had a 15 page ebook that cost me nothing other than 2-3 hours of coaching.

    There are many collaboration tools you can use to keep a team working together. Personally, we just used Gdocs which has good real-time collaboration and commenting.


These are just a few of the great ways you can create valuable content for your Inbound Marketing strategy when you're strapped for time.

One of the most important things a business owner can do is re-evaluate their time schedule to make content creation a priority. I know it seems like just extra work now, but in the long run it will greatly benefit your business. You have to think less about, "What do I have to get done today?" and more about "What will set me up for success in the future?"

If you have any other ideas on content that is quick and easy to create, please post in the comments section.

Luke Summerfield
Luke Summerfield

Luke is an industry leading Inbound Marketing specialist and an expert in progressive strategies integrating content, relationships, automation and communities to drive lead generation and build brands people love.

The resident Director of Inbound Marketing at Savvy Panda, Luke and his team develop web and marketing success stories for medium to fortune 100 companies. Luke is also the head instructor of Master Inbound, a comprehensive online Inbound Marketing training course.

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